Anti-cellulite massage

Anticellulite massage works on the basis of mechanical stimulation of the skin with the help of motorized rollers, which apply a gentle movement on the body, while at the same time soothing the skin and stimulating the flow of the lymph. Therapy is non-invasive, painless and beneficial to the skin.

The process contributes to the creation of new connective tissues, stimulates the flow of body lymph, promotes the metabolism and excretion of toxins and consequently the elimination of cellulite and fatty deposits. The result is a slimmer body with a more shiny and elastic skin. The treatment helps reduce cellulite, deep fatty deposits of men and women, and tonify any loose skin. It is suitable for all ages, all types of skin, and for both women and men (especially for abdomen and hips). Do not use during pregnancy or immediately after childbirth.

Session duration: 45 minutes.